Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Has it really passed a month? Long time no blogging hehe. To tell you the truth I have lost interest in blogging. The main reason I signed up on blogger was to create some sort of journal, with stuff I am interested in like photography, art, fashion and even improving my English skills. But now I just don't feel like doing it anymore. Or maybe is just a state of mind and hopefully it will pass.
Anyway I decided to create an instagram account so I put together some pictures which were supposed to show how I spent the last weeks:

 1- our gift for mom's birthday
 2- some bracelets from h&m and a pink watch which I got in Italy last summer
 3- me and my sister
 4- at Starbucks <3
 5&6- somewhere by the pool drinking mint lemonade and cola (that's how we survived these past days- because of the heat 37°C)
you can find me on instagram: @cristinaastefan

P.S I also bought some stuff I'll post them asap!
OH and I almost forgot: anyone experiencing problems with managing followed blogs ??

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